Coronal Virus (COVID-19) Getting the Right Info and Avoiding Fake News

Cases of the Coronal Virus (COVID-19) has been reported in over 20 African countries including Nigeria and South Africa. The outbreak started in Wuham, China a few months ago and the disease has spread to many countries.

One very good thing the internet and modern technology brings is an easy, cheap and fast channel for people to send/receive information. However, there is a lot of fake information out there. From fake news about new cases of COVID-19 to people claiming local African acholic drinks cure COVID-19. It is important that people get the right info and stay safe. And that is why we at TownCryer are sharing these very simple tips on how to get info from official channels.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has a highly frequently updated website with info about the current COVID-19 Pandemic. You can visit their official website via You can also follow WHO on twitter @WHO, Facebook, and YouTube to get updates.

Nigerian Center for Disease Control (@NCDCGov) also keeps a very good repository of official information about the situation of things in Nigeria and preventive measures recommended by the government. You can check their website at or their dedicated COVID-19 page via

For people outside Nigeria, you can check official communication channels for your local Health Authorities like the ministry of health and Center for Diseases Control. Another good source of information for the international community is the US CDC (

At state and city level, it is also important to listen to info from the governor's office, local government chairman and other community leaders to assess the level of the situation in your locality.

Let's stay safe, avoid sharing unconfirmed information from a suspicious source.

Wash your hands, Stay at home (isolate) when you don't feel well, maybe stop shaking hands and follow other recommendation by authorities in your country, state and community. Peace!!

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