BoltRecharge Buy Airtime, Data and Pay Bills Online

You have most likely paid bills online before or purchased airtime on the internet. There are 10s or even 100s of online bill payment platforms out there and its ok to feel like: "oh! another site/app to pay bills online ".

In this post, I will be writing about BoltRecharge, how it works and the new thing BoltRecharge brings to the table.

Easy, fast and rewarding

The best way to answer "what BoltRecharge is about" is by mentioning:

  • How fast and easy it makes online bill payment.
  • And how BoltRecharge reward active users for making bill payment on the platform.

BoltRecharge is built to work and do so seamlessly. You fund your wallet or pay directly with a Naira card via payment gateways that you might already be familiar with. BoltRecharge also offers the option to fund your wallet manually via bank transfer, so if you don't have an ATM card, no problem.

Bills paid and airtime purchased are delivered instantly, meaning you don't need any further steps after purchase. You can also buy mobile data on BoltRecharge and enjoy the same fast delivery speed.

BoltRecharge rewards you for using their platform you can even earn more by becoming a vendor. You can earn up to 5% commission on transactions while doing your day job or even without doing anything at all.

How it Works

To start using BoltRecharge, head-on to their website at, and register an account. It's 100% free! The site is user-friendly and they also have an easy-to-follow guide on their Support Page.

Some of the operations you can perform on the BoltRecharge site include:

  • Airtime Recharge
  • Data Purchase
  • SME Data
  • Electricity Bill payment and Many more

As a vendor on BoltRecharge, you earn more commission. BoltRecharge also offers a referral program which pays users for inviting friends and family to use their platform.

Our Most Innovative Feature from BoltRecharge

We love innovation and appreciates it whenever we see it. We found BoltRecharge's Data Card very sleek. The service lets you purchase data in the form of a PIN that you can load just like you would with physical airtime recharge card. We tested this and found it smooth especially when you are trying to send data to a friend or family member.

BoltRecharge data card

The feature brings some exciting new opportunity if you are a data reseller or want to kickstart your data reseller business in some innovative style. Generally, we loved it.

Paying your next bill fast and seamless?

Is any of these three reasons enough to make you give BoltRechare a try:

  • Tired of your old bill payment platform because the experience isn't seamless enough?
  • Want to pay bills fast and get credited instantly without stories?
  • Or you want to earn money online paying bills for yourself and others?

BoltRecharge offers more and don't just take my words for it. You can give them a try today.

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