Getting The Best Out Of Black Friday

Black  Friday is probably among some of the days in the year that get people really excited. Black Friday is a day in the week when customers get amazing deals on different products and gadgets. The best part is that they are all accessible online.

There are some sites that can be used to track the drop in prices of products or gadgets online. These price-tracking sites help you to be one of the firsts to know the price drops on products you may want or need.

Here are a few of the sites you can use:

  • CamelCamelCamel:

This site tracks the price of  all products available for sale on Amazon. It also has a feature which alerts you when prices fall to a certain level that you would prefer. You can set your preferred product price, so that you receive an email when that product is at that price or below that price. CamelCamelCamel works for just Amazon but others can be used for other online stores. You can install the site's browser extension known as "The Camelizer", create a free account and start tracking your needed products. You can even import your already existing wishlist from Amazon to the site.

The Camelizer |

  • PC Part Picker:

This tool can helps you pick compatible PC components to make the task of putting them together way easier. It can also display a graph that shows the previous and ongoing movement in price for a particular component


  • SlickDeals:

On the SlickDeals site, you can easily create deal alerts based on keywords. For instance, you can put in the name of a product, like “Apple Airpods” or a retailer’s name in your list to get a deal alert on that product or retailer. You can set the site to alerts you when deals relating to your keyword are available. You can also filter out deals to get notified if a deal is really popular/gets a high rating from the community.

Slickdeals Case Study | Semantics3

  • Honey:

The Honey browser extension tracks the prices of items you may want, and sends you an alert when it discovers good deals. Honey can also help you search sites you visit for offer codes that enable you save cash. Honey works with Amazon and a number of other online stores. You can add items to your “Droplist,” which is actually a wishlist. You can also set the percentage off that you need.

Add a coupon - Honey

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