Abeg App: Send money, get loan and do Ajo

Have you heard of the Abeg App yet? It's been around for a few months. But if you are hearing about it for the first time, no wahala. I will walk you through everything you need to know about the Abeg App.

I love when apps and startups localise their names. Abeg is pidgin for please or even pretty please (if you are not Nigerian and you are wondering).

Abeg App is a mobile application that lets you send money to friends and families using just a username. The app provides a straightforward interface and is very easy to use.

abeg app

How to get the Abeg App

You can get Abeg App from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. After install, sign-up for a free account and you are all set to start sending or receiving money to/from other Abeg users. It's that simple.

Get Abeg App for Android here

Install Abeg for iOS here

Or visit https://abeg.app

Things You Can do With Abeg App

If you have used Abeg App you will notice that it has some very cool features. There are sections like the Abeg store and Fundraise that are still in development at the time of making this post. Below are some of the things you can do on Abeg App right away:

Send Money: From the main screen, you can send money by entering the amount and tapping the send button. You can send even as low as 10 Naira :D.

Request Money: I should have put this first on the list :). Enter the amount you want, what you need the money for then hit the request button. The next screen will let you pick which of your friends you will like to beg for that urgent sum.

Abeg App UI

Loan: Yeah, that's right. A recent update to the Abeg app now lets you request a loan from your friends. According to the Abeg App team, with this feature, they will help you manage the money you lend your friends.

Ajo: Ajo lets you save in circle with friends. Create a circle, give it a name and target then add your friends. It's like a modern way of doing group savings, something our old school parents did.

Final Beg

I think the Abeg app is cool. It's a little bit more than just another app for sending money and making payments. The simplicity of the design is everything for me. It's very easy to use and you can send money with just one tap of a button. Highly recommended. You can follow the official Abeg App on Twitter by clicking here or find them on Facebook here. Bye-bye for now and here is my Abeg App user name *** just in case you are feeling generous LOL.

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