Nigerian based Software Developer Shodipo Ayomide Joins Stackoverflow

Shodipo Ayomide, a local software developer based in Lagos, Nigeria announced today that he has joined major tech company Stackoverflow. Stackoverflow is a popular Question and Answer platform for software developers.

Shodipo is an inspiring member of the Nigerian software developer community. He is one of the leaders of Facebook developers Circles Lagos. In addition to that, Shodipo is the founder of Unstack Africa and he contributes to other groups like GDG Lagos and OSCA .

"It's hard to find where you belong, this is mine and I'm very excited about it! I'm excited to announce that I have joined @StackOverflow full-time" he wrote in his tweet.


It is likely that Shodipo is the first full Naija (Nigerian) breed developer to join Stackoverflow. He grew up in Lagos Nigeria and had his education there. We find Shodipo's story very inspiring and see it as proof that Nigerians can and are world-class tech professionals.

Would you like to learn more about Shodipo? Check out this interview by Ben Dada here. Or, you can also follow him on Twitter via @developerayo. In addition, we recommend you read his blog post about his new gig here. That is it from us now and we are saying a big congrats to Shodipo.

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